Dr (Sr) Angel Mary is the founder of the Sacred Heart hospital. Her pioneering and daring spirit has enabled this hospital to develop into an institution of an envious stature, as a pioneer psychiatric hospital with all modern facilities in India.  Dr (Sr) Angel Mary believed in this that “What you give, you give to yourself”, which was the driving force behind her altruistic and gallant services towards those downtrodden and abandoned in the society.

" Blessed Mother Teresa visited the assylum for mental patients at Oolampara in Kerala in 1977. The pitiable condition of the numerous interned there, touched her deeply. She could call it only a hell on earth. This news stirred me to think in a different way. Why can't  I make a haven for such brethren if not 'a heaven'. Superiors and colleagues were quite supportive and inspiring. My faltering steps were strengthened when I put my trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus to give custodial care to the unfortunate, hapless victims of fate, unwanted in their families and ostracised by society.

My dream was to win persons by giving them care which would surely lead them to cure. An atmosphere of love and acceptance should be given them so that they would get and enjoy whatever they are denied at home. It was my insatiable thirst to create a place where these rejected brethren of ours would find a place to get whatever they were denied at home because of their mental plight ".

She has received several awards for her selfless and meritorious services for the needy and neglected patients.


President's Appreciation Award (1997-98)
For her sincere services to IMA Kerala State as its Branch President of Thodupuzha.

Eminent Social Worker (2000)
By the Indian Council of Social Welfare (ICSW), Kerala Branch.

AKCC Award (2000)
For her meritorious and Selfless Social Work.

Outstanding Performance in Rehabilitation of Mentally Ill patients (2004)
Holistic Health Mela, Idukki.