Our endeavor is to cater comprehensive, exemplary and quality mental health care to those with psychological problems, ranging from mild mental derangement to severe debilitating psychiatric illnesses; with the view to redeem them of their affliction, nurse them to normal health and make them fit and productive in the society.


  • Early detection, Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of mental illness.
  • Prevention of psychiatric disorders to reduce the enormous burden of suffering, loss of productivity, morbidity, and mortality in mentally ill patients.
  • Rehabilitation of patients with short and long term illness, with the aim of making them fit and productive to join the mainstream of the society.
  • Quality care and support to people affected by mental illness.
  • Counseling and crisis management for those in mental distress.
  • Psychoeducation of family members of patients in order to improve their family support and quality of life.
  • Propagation of awareness about mental illness to the masses, eradicating stigma through community outreach programs and campaigns.
  • Building a generation-next of like-minded individuals, sensitive to the needs of the ill, by developing interest in them as students and providing opportunities of learning in the hospital.
  • Promoting an atmosphere of well-being and integrity among the staff, so as to develop their aspirations and professionalism in the arena of mental health.
  • Promoting spiritual growth, essential for a sound mind, in every individual associated with the institution.