The em blem of Sac red Heart Hospital revolves around the concept of the heart which is the throne of love. Above the heart is a symbol of a palm with a cross imprinted on it, and it signifies the saving touch of Christ who brought love to this world. The palm below it signifies the hand of an afflicted mind stretched out to receive His touch of salvation. In the present times, the healing touch of Jesus is made felt through the service of nursing care. The rays of the shining sun, shown between the palms, depict the light brought by this loving touch to the minds in darkness.  The burning light of the lamp symbolizes that the radiance of the healers and the healed spreads enlightenment and glow to other brethren. The words of Lord Jesus “You are the light of the world” thus become meaningful by being the light and spreading brilliance.

‘SHHP’ is the abbreviation of Sacred Heart Hospital Paynkulam. The first letter ‘S’ stands for the word ‘Sacred”- the unconditional love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus- signifies the magnificent holiness. ‘S’ also is the first letter for  the word ‘Sister’ whose calling is to share the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. ‘H’ stands for ‘Heart’ which means the throne of love. The third letter ‘H’ is for ‘Hospital’ which denotes the compassionate and noble service to the ill. The letter ‘P’ is for Paynkulam.  Akin to the pool of Bethsaida, where the sick and diseased were healed as they dipped in its waters stirred by the Lord’s angels, it signifies the integration and salvation attained by the sick through the sincere service of this institution.
The motto chosen by Sacred Heart Hospital - Self giving, Integration, Salvation - is written around the emblem. As God the Father gave Himself to carry out the acts of creation and preservation, the dedicated ones achieve restoration, integration and salvation through their love, self giving and service.