Alcohol and Drug De-addiction

Over the past few years, alcoholism and addiction to drugs have become widespread in our society. With the advancement of society and rapid changes in our cultural norms, increased use of alcohol and drugs has become its biggest ills. Of great concern is the rapid increase in alcohol and drug abuse in our youth, irrespective of gender.

We have a special unit for alcohol and drug de-addiction.  Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings are held every Saturday in which the patients share their experiences and discuss their problems. A local cell of the AA functions here on every second Saturday of the month, in which a minimum of 200 alcoholics with their families usually gather together. These meetings help the recovered alcoholics to remain abstinent from alcohol, following treatment, through a process of mutual sharing, prayer, renewal of their pledges and resolutions, and step meetings.

Our treatment programme involves:

  • Alcohol detoxification & de-addiction
  • Drug detoxification & de-addiction
  • Smoking cessation programme
  • Psychotherapy/ counseling for addicts
  • Family therapy/ Counseling for family members
  • Psychoeducative and awareness classes by experts
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Prayer