Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre:

About three kilometers from the hospital in Paynkulam, on the banks of Thodupuzha river, in an ambience of serenity and tranquility of the mother nature, stands the 250 bedded Rehabilitation Centre of Sacred Heart Hospital. Envisioned by Dr. (Sr.) Angel Mary for the rehabilitation of those mentally ill patients rejected by their families and pronounced ‘unproductive’ by society, the foundation stone for the centre was laid on 4th November 1995. With the blessings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the ‘Msgr. Francis Thekkekara Memorial Rehabilitation and Long Care Centre’ was opened on
3rd December 1997, named after Msgr. Francis Thekkekara who promoted and nurtured the S.H congregation.

Here the patients are trained independently to handle various occupations. A candle-making unit functions here and candles of different sizes and shapes are made, some of which are unique. The yellow colored candles are one among them. A good percentage of the residents are keen workers of the stitching unit where clothing items like nightgown,churidar,saree blouse,shirt,pants etc., are stitched, Various pious articles and crafts works like holy rosary, holy cross, handkerchief, table mat are  also made here. There is a unit for making detergents, cleansing lotions for dish washing and cleaning floors.  Screen Printing is another sector here. A poultry and quail farm (Kada), goat rearing, and apiculture are successfully run here under the management of the residents of this centre. There is a huge garden where several flowers, fruits and vegetables are cultivated. Apart from these, some of them are actively involved in daily work in library, kitchen and canteen of the hospital.

Remuneration is given to the working patients’ for their efforts, to convey the message of their worth, that they too are useful members of the community and hereby encouraging them to further their efforts at becoming healthy and productive members of the society. Facilities for recreational games, such as caroms, chess, volleyball, badminton, cricket, etc., are provided here, with the aim to improve their physical and mental well-being. They are also given newspapers, books and magazines, to improve their knowledge and for leisure. Cultural programmes, like ballet, drama, dance, tableau, are held every week in which the patients and the staff members of the rehabilitation centre are the lively participants. As in the hospital, the spacious and aesthetically pleasing Chapel of this centre forms the venue for spiritual activities like Holy Mass and Adoration.

The hospital encourages the family members of the inmates to take them home on holidays and special occasions, with the intention of improving the bonds with their family and society.



Occupational therapies